The Reynolds Sporting Cups Association is a non-profit organization that is based in Clifton, Virginia. It was founded in 2003.

History Edit

The Reynolds Sporting Cups Association began its work in the early summer of 2003. The idea arose from the annual treasure hunts held at the beach which started in 1998.

At the time, the first tournament, was to be called the 2003 Cousin's Mini Air Hockey World Cup. Each participant had the option of which country or state they wished to represent. The three participants chose their home state that they resided in. Max Reynolds living in the Colombia, South Carolina suburb of Irmo chose to represent South Carolina in the tournament. Tyler Walter living in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Clifton, Virginia chose to represent Virginia. Rory Walter however decided to represent the United States in the tournament.

Of any tournament that the RSCA has hosted this tournament had the weakest turnout in history to this date. The tournament was only for one day on July 16, 2003 and lasted for a record low 20 minutes. Only two games were played in this tournament, Tyler vs. Rory and in the championship game Rory vs. Max.

En route to the finals Max received a bye to the championship game rather as Rory had to play his brother, Tyler who founded these soon to be large tournaments. The result was 8 - 6 and in the championship game Max came from behind to win the 2003 tournament, 11-9.

The winter came and so did the idea to do another tournament, this time on a official-sized air hockey table. Tyler did have this in his basement so using it was a snap. The only issue was that the table for most of the time the family was over was reserved for RSCA purposes only. There was much more participation. But for winter 2003 and the winter 2004 tournaments the seemed to be underground...literally! While the party was going on upstairs quietly down in the basement your could hear the whack of the pucks sliding across the new air hockey table. Rory Walter and Chris James each got the bling at each tournament.

Change was starting to come into the tournaments as new options came in to the newly updated Reynolds Sporting Cups Association. For the year 2005 it seemed that the association was finally seeming to start to act more like...well an association. The had a full fledged staff and started up a website in the fall of 2005 to explain to the members of the Reynolds family who they were and what they are.

At the time, Tyler around this time was 13; Rory at the time was 11; and Max who was 10 were the core of the RSCA staff, later to be joined by Brady Reynolds who at the time was 6. The 2005 tournament or should we say tournaments showed be a new era of the Reynolds Sporting Cups Association with more options than ever before. Also, brand new standards to how the RSCA was suppose to be.

Nevertheless, there were now three different sports available now to play in. Air Hockey, as always; Foosball; and Billiards. On average about 12-16 people played in each sport which was triple than the average participation in each sport. Kara Walter won in Air Hockey. Dayna Reynolds won in Billiards and in Foosball Chris James captured the event.

2006, was more of a laid back year in the Reynolds Sporting Cups Association. Not much in the ways of action came until the first ever RSCA Conference held in Nags Head, North Carolina. It was held on the same day of which the mini air hockey tournament was held, at the time 3 years ago. Rory Walter did not attend the conference which cost him his position of Vice Presidency which was given to Max Reynolds.

Tyler, Max, and Brady met for an hour on a balcony at the Taj Mahal beach house in southern Nags Head, NC near the Oregon Inlet. Tyler remember the day as being a "pleasant evening with temperatures around 80, much better than meeting in that murky sun room."

As time approached the 2006 Reynolds Championship Series, the "second" big tournament once again commenced some changes. An official poster of the tournament was made and drawn up by TWW Designs. Unfortunately, as all sophomore tournaments are, it didn't live up to the major mainstream success as 2005, but still drew a good turnout, having the second best in history.

It started to show a picture now that by far air hockey was the most popular event at the tournaments, and foosball was the least popular of the trio of sports. In 2006; Lauren Wilkinson won in Billiards. In air hockey, the champion was Rory Walter becoming the air hockey king by winning the most air hockey tournaments. In addition to that Chris James was starting to become a huge foosball powerhouse with having back-to-back wins in the foosball tournaments.

For the year 2007, Reynolds Sporting Cups Association was starting to "digitize" or enter the 21st century in a modernistic way. rscaTV formed with the help of video sharing giant on the Internet called YouTube. Starting there the RSCA began to offer the family updates of what's going on with the tournaments on a video communication system. It tried to give everyone a weekly update of the RSCA news although the plan didn't work to its satisfaction making a update about a month.

RSCA also launched the Informer Magazine. A newspaper for the RSCA that came out twice a month. The issues featured an attractive modern design to them, but the lack of time that members could devote to RSCA resulted in a suspension of The Informer just 7 months after debuting and going into circulation. Reasons for the suspension were that it had an extremely minimalistic circulation. In April 2007 the tree fort at the house was declared the RSCA Conference Center and Hall of Fame Museum.

Simply, RSCA was doing more work they could handle such as the 2007 elections. The 2007 RSCA Elections required too much work for results they already knew. But however the President remained the same being Tyler. Vice President was Max, Chairmen was Brady and the Director of Operations was Rory Walter, plus a new addition was Holly Reynolds becoming the Secretary of the RSCA. Later in the summer of 2007 the RSCA Conference was held for 3 days in Nags Head, North Carolina. There Rory Walter was de-promoted to Director of Operations and Brady Reynolds was promoted to the Chairmen of RSCA.

Prep work for the 2007 Reynolds Championship Series or rather known as the "third" big one began around Halloween of 2007 with a broadcast giving rules and demonstrations on air hockey. Controversy also arose with the 2007 with the questioning if the new "fourth" and "fifth" sports of turbo and slot car racing would actually be done. In November it was announced that turbo would not be play at the tournaments although there wasn't so much negative rather than positive reaction to the cancellation of the sport.

The 2007 tournament was well prepared however, although slot cars was to be dropped too, about four days prior to the tournaments. A modernistic logo was done for the tournament inspired by the 2010 FIFA World Cup logo. The tournament showed a lot of forfeits that were forced by the final 6 people in each of the three sports were the same people.

The award ceremony took place in the sun room and had its own table with each award to be distributed. The tournament had to be rushed though to one day because Brady Reynolds would not be there the next day. So in about 4 hours and entire tournament was conducted being the quickest tournament done since 2004.

For the first half of 2008, the words "Beach Bash" were literally seen everywhere in the preparation efforts by the Reynolds Sporting Cups Association. This especially became true after the 2008 RSCA Elections were canceled due to a record low turnout. The only change in the 2008 elections was Rory Walter leaving his job as the director of operations to become nothing more than a representative.

The Informer Magazine undertook a revival in June of 2008 with magazines being sent out to every person in the family giving more in depth news on each event that was to be occurring in the RSCA. For the first edition released in June, there was much positive feedback when the family members looked at the edition of the new redesigned publication using Mac Pages application.

By around late June and early July 2008 weeks before the Beach Bash 2008 events were to start the first teams formed. However with the team, "Insanity" there was mixed controversy about having all the main three staff members on a team. For that, Tyler joined a team with his sister to form a new team "Walter." The other team was "Aftermath" composing of Chris and Rory.

Beach Bash 2008 had mixed reactions. To some, it was considered a great event with a strong core of participation. Others saw it as a failure and a complete stress factor during vacation. Never the less, Team Cyclones won the event followed by Insanity, Domination and Three's Company.

Beyond Beach Bash 2008 many things are expected to occur this fall prior to the upcoming 2008 Reynolds Championship Series. The first thing is to find a new president of the RSCA, as it is really likely that come March 2009, Tyler will drop his position. He has made it clear he won't run again for president in the 2010 Elections when his shift ends. Plus talks about how the RSCA will cope with the rapidly declining numbers in the Reynolds Championship Series.

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