2007 RAH Cup
6th Annual RAH Cup
Tournament details
Host city Template:Flag
Dates 26 December
Teams 12 
Venue(s) (in 1 host city)
Final positions
Champions 10px Template:FbTemplate:Nowrap
Runners-up 10px Template:Fb
Third place 10px Template:Fb
Fourth place Template:Fb
Tournament statistics
Matches played 12
Goals scored 108  (9 per match)
Attendance 61  (5 per match)

Qualification Edit

For the 2007 Reynolds Air Hockey Cup, no qualification was needed in order to select a final group of players to play in the tournament. All player had to do in order to play in it was to register within an hour before the tournament.

A total of 12 people registered for the tournament, being the third highest on record.

The Tournament Edit

The 2007 Reynolds Air Hockey cup had four rounds that contestants had to play in. They were the Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semis and the Consolation or Championship game, depending on how each participant did in the event.

Round of 16 Edit

The round of sixteen wasn't not exactly a round of 16, it was more of a round of 12 players, although only 10 people played in the first round, because Chris James and Dee-Dee Reynolds could not make it in time for the main tournament stages to begin. They would play each other in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

The first game to be played in the tournament was between Tyler Walter and Jimmy Reynolds. To some it was considered more of a thriller match than the championship game itself was. In a controversial win Tyler won 4-3. The error was that Jimmy tied it up with slightly over a second to play, but the machine did not count it as a goal in time. The referee, Max Reynolds declared that Tyler Walter was the winner of that game.

Anne Beasley and Rory Walter played next in the tournament, where not much of a show was to be played as Rory easily cruised along to defeat Anne, 6-2. However, a big upset in the tournament came when Max Reynolds was playing Lauren Wilkinson in a game, which Max was expected to win by a predicted score of 4-1. Shock came late in the game when Lauren won 5-2, as Max was eliminated.

Questions came into play when a player had been drinking prior to the game, Wanda Reynolds before her game against her youngest nephew, Brady Reynolds. The game seemed to show the opposite as it was a 6-1 final between the two.

And, finally to sum up the first round Holly Reynolds defeated Taylor Cole in the final game of the first round.

Quarterfinals Edit

Consolation Game Edit

Championship Edit

Broadcasting Edit

Controversies Edit

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